Government of New Brunswick

Work on the renewal of a Cultural Policy for New Brunswick is well underway.

Earlier this year, I announced a Cultural Policy Renewal Working Group made up of industry leaders from around the province who would draw upon their in-depth knowledge and experience to provide expert advice on the renewal of this policy.

Members of the Working Group have met several times and their input has been invaluable.

Eight public sessions were held throughout the province with over 370 people attending and close to 70 presentations heard.  Additional presentations were received by the department and have been posted on this site.

I would like to thank those who attended these sessions and willingly provided very diverse, comprehensive, and constructive feedback on why culture is important to them and how New Brunswick can move forward in the future. We welcomed your suggestions for improvements as well, and these will all be taken into consideration in the renewal of the cultural policy.

What came across loud and clear was that we have a rich and multi-faceted culture and heritage that New Brunswickers are proud of.  They also strongly believe that cultural industries and products are important contributors to our overall story and integral to our success as a province.  I couldn’t agree more.

As next steps, roundtable discussions on key issues with representatives of cultural organizations and other key stakeholders, will soon be held. At the same time, an interdepartmental group, comprised of representatives from several provincial government departments, will meet to discuss ways to achieve greater collaboration in the application of cultural services and programs.

I would like to thank you for your input to date. Our team of dedicated staff and Working Group members, along with the consultant, will continue to work together to deliver a renewed cultural policy for the province of New Brunswick in the months to come. 

Trevor A. Holder

Minister of Tourism, Heritage and Culture