Government of New Brunswick

Message from the Minister

As Minister of Tourism, Heritage and Culture, I am proud to present Creative Futures— A Renewed Cultural Policy for New Brunswick.

This renewed policy is a result of the extensive work that has taken place with cultural stakeholders, New Brunswickers, First Nations, and within government to gain an understanding of the progress that has been made since the first policy was implemented in 2002. Throughout the consultation process, we heard many stories about heritage, art and creative innovation, and examples of how culture opens New Brunswick to the world and brings the world to us.

What has come across loud and clear is that we have a rich and multi-faceted culture and heritage that New Brunswickers are proud of.  They also strongly believe that the work of our artists and cultural industries is an important contributor to our overall story and integral to our success as a province. Creative Futures reflects this evolving understanding of culture and the messages that were expressed throughout the consultation process.

I would like to thank those who participated in the consultation process and willingly provided very diverse, comprehensive, and constructive feedback on why culture is important to them and how New Brunswick can move forward in the future. Let’s take this opportunity to continue our work together as we build a bright future for our province.

Hon. Trevor A. Holder
Minister of Tourism, Heritage and Culture