Government of New Brunswick

Every year, the Department of Tourism, Heritage and Culture invites approximately 20 arts and cultural professionals in New Brunswick and elsewhere to serve as jurors to evaluate applications to some of its programs. This ensures that funding decisions are based on recommendations from professionals from the arts and cultural sector.

Juries are used to assess grant applications to the following programs: Operational grants for book and periodical publishers; Core support grants for performance-based and service-based arts groups; grants for music industry development; and acquisitions to the New Brunswick Art Bank. Juries decide which applicants should receive grants or which artworks should be purchased; they also recommend the amount of each grant.

Each jury generally includes from three to six members. The Department selects jury members from the provincial, regional and national arts sectors most relevant to the applications to be evaluated, and takes into consideration the jury members’ specialization, experience and expertise, and analytical abilities.

The Department selects jurors based on a balanced representation of regional and cultural diversity, New Brunswick’s two official languages, and the mix of arts disciplines represented by the applications submitted to the program.

Jury members are encouraged to work in either official language and should always feel free to speak the language in which they are most comfortable.

Juror Application and Consent Form

The purpose of the Juror Application and Consent Form is to assist the Department of Tourism, Heritage and Culture in establishing a comprehensive list of potential jurors to form future juries.

Please sign the completed form below, as appropriate, and return with your current curriculum vitae by email or post to:

[email protected]
Arts and Cultural Industries Branch
Department of Tourism, Heritage and Culture
P.O. Box 6000
Fredericton, NB
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Telephone: (506) 453-2555
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