Government of New Brunswick

Did you know that Culture adds $550.4M to the New Brunswick economy?

Culture GDP in Canada increased 1.8% to $53.1 billion in 2017. During the same period, economy-wide GDP increased 5.7%. As a proportion of Canada's overall GDP, culture accounted for 2.7%. Culture GDP rose in eight of nine domains, including sound recording (+7.2%), audio-visual and interactive media (+2.4%) and visual and applied arts (+1.7%). Written and published works (-1.9%) reported the sole decrease, as all but one of its sub-domains declined in 2017.

Culture jobs in Canada increased 1.6% to 666,500, while economy-wide jobs grew 1.9% in 2017. Culture accounted for 3.6% of all jobs in the economy. The audio-visual and interactive media (+3.1%) and visual and applied arts (+3.3%) domains each accounted for an increase of over 4,700 jobs. Culture jobs in live performance also increased 2.4%, while they decreased in written and published works (-2.7%), sound recording (-0.6%) and heritage and libraries (-0.3%).

Culture also contributes greatly to our quality of life. By participating in shared cultural experiences, our communities are more vibrant.



The Canadian Culture Satellite Account (CSA) measures the economic importance of culture and sport to the Canadian economy by estimating the value of the production of culture and sport goods and services and their contribution to output, Gross Domestic Product (GDP), and jobs. Statistics Canada leads the development of the CSA, while the Department of Canadian Heritage manages a consortium of funding partners inclusive of all provinces and territories. The Government of New Brunswick has been a partner in this effort since the onset.

The Canadian CSA will allow governments, stakeholders, professional organizations, and industry who use culture statistics to understand how economic issues impact growth in the culture sector, as well as its economic value.