Government of New Brunswick

Social assistance rates are established by Government. Social assistance is provided to individuals on the basis of the number of members of their household and some determination of their employability. There is one schedule which is referred to as rate table Schedule A. 

There are three rate programs:

Transitional Assistance

For those who are employable, as well as, those requiring support and intervention to become employable. This generally means single person who are able to work and also those with a temporary medical problem. Most families are provided assistance under this program.

Transitional Assistance Single Employable

This indicates the case is eligible for the Transitional Assistance –Single Employable (TA-SE) rate of assistance. It is automatically calculated by the system, based on the information entered into the system. Single person units who do not have a designation and are not certified blind, deaf or disabled will receive this rate of assistance, including those who meet the following criteria:

  • Single clients living in the parental home

–  Who have an SD Medical Report completed by a physician stating that they are unable to work for 6 months or more or that they are 7 months pregnant. (SD assesses the impact of the medical condition on the individual's ability to work),

–  Who are 55 years of age and older

Extended Benefits Program

For those who are certified by the Medical Advisory Board as blind, deaf or disabled. It also includes some clients who have been on assistance for many years and who have a Special Designation.