Government of New Brunswick


Provides financial assistance :

- To repair/rehabilitate emergency shelters and second stage housing for victims of family violence to an acceptable standard of health, safety and security for occupants and accessibility for persons with disabilities.
- To increase the number of emergency shelters and second stage housing units available to women and children or youth who are victims of family violence.


Non-profit corporations or charities which have the operation of housing for abused women and their children as a principal objective.


Assistance is in the form of a forgivable loan and is based on the cost of the Eligible Work. The maximum forgivable loan per unit is $24,000.

Assistance for a new project is in the form of a fully forgivable loan. Eligible sponsor groups may receive funding for up to 100% of the project capital costs.

Emergency Shelters or Second Stage housing projects in need of renovations must be substandard or deficient and require major repair or be lacking in basic facilities in at least one of the following categories:

- structural
- heating
- electrical
- fire safety
- plumbing
- building security
- accessibility
- children's area

All mandatory repairs necessary to bring the property up to minimum levels of health and safety must be completed.

- Eligible new project costs may include: Land acquisition; Municipal servicing; Landscaping; Construction, Acquisition and rehabilitation, or conversion; Hard furnishing; Soft costs; and Appropriate building security provisions.