Government of New Brunswick


The provincial government announced a new Emergency Fuel and Food Benefit on June 1, 2022. The benefit provides financial relief to eligible low-income individuals and families.


You are eligible for the Emergency Fuel and Food Benefit if you have applied for and currently receive:
• Social Assistance,
• The New Brunswick Low-Income Seniors’ Benefit (2022), or
• Housing support from Social Development:
o public housing
o rent supplement program
o Canada Housing Benefit.


How do I apply?
Individuals and families do NOT need to apply for the benefit.
Payment Information
The Emergency Fuel and Food Benefit provides a one-time payment of:
• $225 for eligible single person households
• $450 for eligible households with 2 or more people
Payments are automatic and are expected to be processed at the end of June 2022.

If you are not eligible for the benefit, there may be other help available to you.
You can call 211. 211 is a free referral line for New Brunswickers to call when they need help finding help. Call 2-1-1 or visit 24/7 in 150+ languages

Please visit for information about government and community programs and benefits.

Other Help for Individuals and Families:

Financial Benefits for Families with Children - The federal and New Brunswick governments have financial benefits to help with the cost of raising your children, funding for post-secondary education and more.

Health Services - The Department of Social Development has a number of programs that loan and buy equipment and help cover the cost of some medical services and supplies for clients.

Social Assistance Program - Social Assistance provides financial support to people who cannot afford basic living costs such as food, clothing, shelter, and other necessities. It also provides access to programs and services to transition to employment.

Prescription Drug Plans - There are two public plans for New Brunswickers who don’t have prescription drug coverage: the New Brunswick Prescription Drug Program and the New Brunswick Drug Plan.

Help for Seniors:

Low Income Seniors Benefit: The Government of New Brunswick offers an annual benefit of $400 to assist low-income seniors.

Long Term Care Program - Are you 65 or older? Are you looking for help to remain in your own home? Or do you want to explore other options such as caregiver supports or residential services? If you do, the Long-Term Care Program can help you explore what services may meet your specific care needs and goals.

Guaranteed Income Supplement - Are you a low-income senior living in Canada? The Government of Canada offers a monthly payment for eligible seniors 65 years and older. Your income, and marital status will determine how much you could receive.

Federal Pension and Benefits Programs for Older Canadians - The Government of Canada has several programs to provide payments and benefits to seniors and retirees. These include pension plans, programs for low-income seniors and benefits for survivors.

Home First - Do you want to stay connected to your community and be independent in your own home? Do you want to learn what supports can help you maintain a healthy, active and independent lifestyle? Call today to make an appointment with a reviewer.

New Brunswick Seniors’ Home Renovation Tax Credit - The program helps with the cost of improving the safety and accessibility in your home to promote independent living for seniors.

Help for Housing:

Reducing Your Utility Costs - Discover the programs available and ways you can reduce your electricity, heat, and internet costs.

Canada Housing Benefit (CHB) - The Canada-New Brunswick Housing Benefit is a short-term benefit of up to three years. It helps New Brunswick families with children who work part-time or at lower-paying jobs who are struggling to afford rent.

Public Housing and Rent Supplement Programs - If you need affordable, safe and adequate housing, there are programs that can help, including Public Housing and Rent Supplements.

Low Income Energy Savings Program: Find out how to save money on your electricity and heating bills. You may qualify for free home efficiency upgrades that could reduce your energy costs.