Government of New Brunswick


Provided for women who are pregnant or who have given birth and/or birth fathers, who are undecided about the long term plan for their child.




This service is a pre-decision support service that recognizes the right of choice and which attempts to ensure that the parent(s) is aware of all options, as well as the implications of those options for both themselves and their child.

Once a decision is made, the Department supports and may assist birth parents in carrying out their decision. If the birth parent(s) decide to terminate the pregnancy, they are referred to the Sexual Health Centre; if they choose to keep the child, they will be provided education on parenting, financial matters, etc. and may be referred to support services within or outside the Department; if they decide to place the child for adoption they will be provided information on Ministerial and private adoption as well as Post Adoption Disclosure Services.

If the birth parents choose to place their child for adoption through the Minister, the Department will find an approved adoptive family capable of meeting the child's needs.