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Are there in-home services available to assist my aging parents?

Yes, there are long term care services that can be provided to your parents in their home to help them be as independent as possible.  A range of in-home support services are available to assist seniors with the tasks of everyday living such as personal care (for example: bathing, grooming, feeding), light housekeeping, and meal preparation.   These services can also include relief to caregivers.  A social worker will visit with you and your parents to do an assessment and determine the types of services that are needed.   In-home support services are not covered by Medicare so your parents will have to pay for these services. However, the Government will provide financial assistance if they are unable to pay the full cost of their services.

For more information contact your local Social Development Office


I want to sell my house and move into a seniors' apartment. Can your department help?

The Department of Social Development provides housing assistance to low-income seniors.  Before you sell your house, you should contact your local office of Social Development to see if you would be eligible for housing assistance and to find out how long you might have to wait for an apartment.  If you want to sell your house because you feel that you cannot manage on your own, you might be eligible for long term care services in your home.  Contact Social Development to see if we can help you stay in your home longer


I have questions pertaining to what programs are available to seniors?

There are many programs and services offered for seniors by both government and community organizations.

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Where can I find information about Nursing Homes and what the cost is?

Nursing home services are intended for individuals who are medically stable but who need nursing care. The Department of Social Development must approve all admissions to nursing homes. Staff from the department will determine a person’s eligibility by looking at their long term health care and social needs. Going into a nursing home is voluntary. If a person can afford to pay their nursing home costs, they must do so. If a person feels they cannot afford the costs, they can apply to the department for financial assistance.

Click here for more information or contact your local Social Development Regional Office.

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