Government of New Brunswick

Reducing, preventing and alleviating poverty is a commitment of the provincial government.

As work continues to rebuild New Brunswick, the goal is to ensure that all New Brunswickers have the opportunity to take part in strengthening our quality of life and communities together.

New Brunswick has a unique model for poverty reduction that contains many commitments and actions in the areas of literacy, housing and transportation that, in addition to many social programs and services, will help lift people out of poverty.

The poverty reduction plan involves government, businesses, community non-profit organizations, and people who have experienced poverty, working in partnership on the actions to improve the quality of life for people who are experiencing life in a state of poverty.

One of the priority actions in the province’s poverty reduction plan was to reform the social assistance system.

In January 2011, an Advisory Committee on Social Assistance Reform was established to provide advice and feedback on the reform of the social assistance system.  The Advisory Committee reported to the board of directors of the Economic and Social Inclusion Corporation (ESIC).

The changes, outlined below, are part of the ongoing work to reform social assistance and are expected to have a positive impact on our clients.

Changes effective October 1, 2014 include:

Changes effective October 1, 2013 include: