Government of New Brunswick

Are barriers getting in the way of your job success?

All workers are important to the economic development of New Brunswick. Should you have a disability and encounter barriers to attaining your career goals, Post Secondary Education, Training and Labour can provide you assistance to overcome these barriers. Through TESS, we can provide you the assistance you require to compete for employment. These services are provided in full collaboration with you in accordance with your needs and capabilities.

Who is eligible for TESS support?

To access TESS you must have a permanent or long - term physical, intellectual, psychiatric or cognitive disability, which restricts the ability to progress towards a training and employment goal. You must also ...

  • be at least 18 years of age,
  • be a resident of New Brunswick or a resident of a First Nation Community in NB, and
  • have a specific employment action plan.

What types of services are available to me through TESS?

TESS is structured to your specific situation. Some typical services that you may require are:

  • assistance to attend a job search workshop or job fair,
  • assistance to orient yourself to a new job or workplace,
  • ergonomic aids to assist you undertake training or employment, or
  • enterprise planning and development to help prepare you for self employment.

How can I access TESS?

For further information regarding TESS you can contact your closest Post Secondary Education, Training & Labour Office. If you are eligible for assistance under TESS, we can help you access the support services you need for training and work.

Hearing impaired individuals can also make contact through a teletypewriter (TTY) by dialing 453-3957.