Government of New Brunswick

Subsection 4(2)(b) of the Family Income Security Act allows for the consideration and provision of special benefits on an on-going basis to individuals who are not eligible for assistance. Consideration under Section 4(2)(b) may be given for specific medical and/or training and employment benefits.

Section 4(2)(b) cases are part of the Maintenance caseload.



Applications by non-clients must be processed through Screening.



The only medical or exit-related needs which may be considered under Section 4(2)(b) are:


Target case managers may process a Section 4(2)(b) request if the case has been cancelled for less than 35 days. If approved, the case becomes part of the Maintenance caseload.

Former Maintenance and/or Transition clients, and all renewal requests of Section 4(2)(b) cases must be referred to Screening.



NB Case will calculate eligibility based on:

  • The basic household rate
  • minus the household's monthly income
  • plus the amount of the benefit which they are assessed as being in need of, which
  • equals the amount of the benefit which may be issued.


Health Card

4(2)(b) clients are eligible for the same level of health card coverage as basic assistance clients.

Applicants who are employed and are applying for the Health Card benefits that could be covered by a plan offered by their employer (e.g. Blue Cross), are to be advised that they must apply for coverage under their employer's plan.



Any regular Income will be considered as for all other applicants.


Trust Funds

For Blind, Deaf and Disabled clients with Trust Funds, 75% of the income generated by the trust fund is expected to be applied to special needs benefits that may be required by the individual.


Wage Exemptions

The wage exemption is not to be utilized in the calculation of the initial eligibility for the services, but may be used once eligibility has been established.