Government of New Brunswick


Community Placement Residential Facilities, including Special Care Homes and Community Residences, are approved under The Family Services Act to provide care and supervision to individuals in need of special assistance. The Minister shall approve residential facilities that meet the criteria and standards prescribed by the Minister or by regulations.


The Minister shall issue a certificate of approval to applicants who want to operate a residential facility where:

- an application has been received;
- a need for such a service exist;
- the appropriate fees have been paid;
- the district medical health officer has given a written statement of compliance with general health standards;
- an officer appointed under the Fire Prevention Act has given a written statement indicating that the residential facility meets fire prevention standards and building standards;
- a criminal record check and a check with this Department have been conducted on all staff; and
- the Minister is satisfied that the residential facility complies with all other standards and criteria prescribed by the regulations and by the Minister.

Approvals are only granted for a period of up to a year therefore operators need to re-apply annually.


A person who wishes to operate a residential facility may apply for an approval by contacting this Department.


Unless otherwise specified, Fees exclude the harmonized sales tax (HST).

Fee DescriptionRate in $Effective Date
Special Care Homes 
  10 beds and more65.001992-01-01
  3 - 9 beds45.001992-01-01
  1 - 2 beds25.001992-01-01