Government of New Brunswick


This department provides people in financial need with assistance to meet their basic needs such as food, rent, utilities and clothing. The program may also help you with other needs such as child care, transportation, prescription drugs and more.

Individuals receiving Income Assistance may also benefit from a wide range of programs and services designed to help you manage learning, work and transitional case plans.


Are you eligible for Income Assistance?

To see if you are eligible, all of the income is added up from all sources of all people who live in your household. If the total household income is less than the rate for your family type, the household is likely eligible to receive financial help. The amount received depends on the total household income.

For more information on determining if you are eligible for Income Assistance please see “Assets and Incomes” under “Related Links” in the column to your right.

If you were working recently and are eligible for Employment Insurance, please see “EI Regular Benefits” under “Related Links”.


How to apply

Step 1: Gather the following information before you contact the Department of Social Development:

You will be asked to provide:
- Your mailing address
- Your residence address (if it is different from your mailing address)
- Your rental or mortgage costs

For every member in the household, you will be asked to provide:
- First and last name
- Birthdate
- Medicare number
- Social Insurance Number (SIN)
- Income (like employment, child support, Employment Insurance, etc.)
- Assets (what every family member owns - like a car or a house)

Step 2: Call the provincial number for screening and intakes at 1-833-SDDSTel (1-833-733-7835).

- You will be asked questions to determine if you may be eligible to receive Income Assistance.

Step 3: If you are eligible for Income Assistance, an appointment will be scheduled for you to complete the application package and provide required documentation to the department.

- Please see the “Checklist of Documents to bring to your appointment” under “Related Links”.

Other Benefits

In addition to Income Assistance, the Department of Social Development offers a number of benefits, including:
- Health Cards
- Emergency Fuel Benefit
- Emergency Special Benefits
- Medical Transportation

For additional information on all benefits offered, please see “Benefits” under “Related Links”