Government of New Brunswick
I may be relocating to New Brunswick from another province. Can I transfer my disability benefits? Are they the same as in my current province?

No, benefits cannot be transferred from one province to another. Different provinces have different types of benefits and rates. New Brunswick does not have a Disability Pension Program. New Brunswick residents who are disabled and who have no income receive income through the social assistance program. If you qualify for and receive social assistance, you can apply through your case manager to be certified as disabled by the Provincial Medical Advisory Board. This may allow you to get a small increase in your monthly rate and access to other benefits for persons with disabilities. Social assistance clients also receive a health card that will help you with some of your medical costs.

For more information contact your local Social Development Regional Office.


Can your department help me care for my disabled child?

The Community-Based Services for Children with Special Needs Program (CBSCSN) works with families who are unable to provide the extra-ordinary care and support required to meet the special developmental needs of their child (19years and under). To participate in this program, you and your child must be residents of New Brunswick with valid Medicare cards. This program is not covered under Medicare, so you must be prepared to help pay for the services offered. If you have private health insurance, you are required to use these benefits first before requesting assistance from the program. Eligibility for the program is not based solely on the diagnosis of your child’s condition but on your family’s and your community’s ability to provide the extra-ordinary care and support to your child.

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I know someone with a disability who wishes to remain in his own home but it needs renovations to make it accessible. Can your department help him?

Yes, the Federal/Provincial Repair program will provide financial help for people who need to make modifications to their home to improve accessibility for a person with a disability. The types of modifications include building ramps, adding grab bars, lowering kitchen counters, widening doors, etc.

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