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The objective of the program is to support projects, through non-repayable contributions, that:

1) Enhance a community’s identity;
2) Provide economic and social benefits;
3) Enhance existing community assets; or
4) Enhance or develop initiatives that strengthen a community.

The Regional Development Corporation will be responsible for the overall management of the CIF.

All funding applications under the CIF will be received, assessed, and evaluated by the Regional Development Corporation.

The President of the Regional Development Corporation will have authority to approve funding for projects.


When reviewing proposals for financial assistance, all requests must meet the eligibility requirements; and demonstrate financial viability of the project and the organization.

The CIF will provide support to local governments and non-profit community based organizations for initiatives such as festivals, national events, volunteer recognition events and community growth initiatives.

Funding will be provided for eligible costs of projects that, without such support, would otherwise not proceed. The applicant must demonstrate that their project is directly linked to one of the Program’s objectives and the project must not receive any other funding from the Province (except SEED funding for students).


The CIF is open for projects that fall in the following categories.

Community events:

• Festivals
• Special anniversaries
• Volunteer recognition activities

Community Growth Initiatives:

• Community spaces
• Community planning
• Access to recreation
• Community appeal /aesthetics
• Enhance civic pride or support the community’s well-being

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Regional Development (Division)
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