GRAND MANAN (GNB) –  A ceremony was held today to celebrate the completion of infrastructure and site upgrades at the Fundy Marine Service Centre on Grand Manan.

“Your government is committed to making strategic investments in key infrastructure that will grow the New Brunswick economy and create jobs,” said Premier Brian Gallant. “The fish and seafood industry creates many job opportunities for New Brunswickers. The completion of this important infrastructure project means the Fundy Marine Service Centre is available to support and accommodate growth opportunities in fisheries and aquaculture in the Bay of Fundy.”

Over the past two years, the provincial government invested up to $5.94 million towards the site upgrades and improvements at Ingalls Head, site of the centre. The project consisted of lighting, paving, access to electricity and water access for firefighting. A new 200-tonne boat lift was acquired to better accommodate the size and range of vessels at the centre.

“The Fundy Marine Service Centre is an important asset not only to the fishing and aquaculture industries but to the boat maintenance and repair businesses as well,” said Briuan Guptill, president of the Grand Mana Fishermen’s Association. “The ability to maintain our vessels here in our community is an opportunity we do not take for granted.”

“New Brunswick’s fish and seafood exports grew to $1.7 billion last year,” said Aquaculture and Fisheries Minister Rick Doucet. “Strategic investments like this one help to support employment and the development of our economy by recognizing our current priorities and tomorrow’s needs.”

Doucet spoke on behalf of Transportation and Infrastructure Minister Bill Fraser, who is also the minister responsible for the Regional Development Commission.

The provincial government owns three marine service centres, located in Shippagan, Bas-Caraquet and Grand Manan. The Grand Manan Fishermen’s Association has an agreement to operate the Fundy Marine Service Centre.