SHEDIAC (GNB) – An investment of $150,000 is being made towards a downtown improvement project in Shediac in commemoration of Canada’s 150th anniversary.

“New Brunswickers are proud of who they are and where they come from,” said Transportation and Infrastructure Minister Bill Fraser, who is also minister responsible for the Regional Development Corporation. “This investment will enrich the downtown area while celebrating the birth of our nation.”

The project involves installing 18 streetlights in the downtown core.

“The province’s contribution under the Canada 150 program fell perfectly in line with our downtown revitalization project,” said Shediac Mayor Jacques LeBanc. “We are extremely proud today of the improvements implemented to make our downtown core welcoming, cozy and vibrant.”

Funding is being provided under the Program for Municipal Development to Commemorate Canada’s 150th anniversary. Last January, municipalities with populations of more than 4,000 and less than 25,000 were eligible to apply for funding of up to $150,000 for beautification projects to contribute to a vibrant and attractive downtown and to commemorate Canada’s 150th anniversary.