Government of New Brunswick

Infrastructure projects must meet one of the following outcomes outlined in the Integrated Bilateral Agreement.

Community, Culture and Recreation Infrastructure

  • Improved access to and/or increased quality of cultural, recreational and/or community infrastructure for Canadians, including Indigenous peoples and vulnerable populations.

Rural and Northern Communities Infrastructure

  • Improved food security. 
  • Improved and/or more reliable road, air and/or marine infrastructure. 
  • Improved broadband connectivity. 
  • More efficient and/or reliable energy. 
  • Improved education and/or health facilities (specific to the Truth and Reconciliation Commission’s Calls to Action).

Green Infrastructure – Climate Change Mitigation

  • Increased capacity to manage more renewable energy. 
  • Increased access to clean energy transportation. 
  • Increased energy efficiency of buildings. 
  • Increased generation of clean energy.

Green Infrastructure – Adaptation, Resilience and Disaster Mitigation

  • Increased structural capacity and/or increased natural capacity to adapt to climate change impacts, natural disasters and/or extreme weather events.

Green Infrastructure – Environmental Quality

  • Increased capacity to treat and/or manage wastewater and storm water. 
  • Increased access to potable water. 
  • Increased capacity to reduce and/or remediate soil and/or air pollutants.

Public Transit Infrastructure

  • Improved capacity of public transit infrastructure. 
  • Improved quality and/or safety of existing or future transit systems. 
  • Improved access to a public transit system.