Government of New Brunswick


Probation is a sentence of the court that allows a young person/adult offender, to remain in the community under specific conditions.


Probation can last up to three years and includes one or a combination of the following conditions:
-report to a probation officer;
-abstain from alcohol and/or the nonmedical use of drugs;
-perform community service;
-obtain psychiatric treatment;
-attend school;
-abstain from owning or possessing firearms;
-abstain from contact or association with certain persons;
-abstain from operating a motor vehicle;
-observe a specified curfew;
-participate and complete specific programs such as anger management or mental health counselling, under the supervision of a probation officer; and
-any other condition that might reasonably restrict the young person/adult offender and encourage a law-abiding lifestyle.


In many instances, the court requires more information about a young person/adult offender before passing sentence and may ask a probation officer to prepare a Pre-Sentence Report. This report provides background information about the young person/adult offender’s character, family involvement, peer group, employment, education and any other relevant information which helps the court to arrive at a decision on sentencing.

In addition to the pre-sentence report, the court also considers:
-the nature of the offence;
-protection and consideration of the community;
-victim impact statement; and
-any other information readily available at the time of sentence.

Probation is designed to encourage the young person/adult offender to become a more responsible person in the community and to live a law-abiding life, without necessarily being sentenced to custody.