Government of New Brunswick


The Province of New Brunswick issues parking placards and permits for persons with disabilities to promote designated parking spaces for persons with disabilities.


The intent of this program is to limit eligibility for the parking permit and placard for person(s) having a disability to those situations where the person has a significant degree of mobility impairment caused by paralysis, lower limb amputation, heart or lung disease or other health problems such that the person would have difficulty walking unassisted more than 50 metres in outdoor weather conditions. The placard and parking permit may be obtained upon application at Service New Brunswick Centres throughout the province without charge.


Application to obtain a parking permit and placard for designated parking spaces for persons with disabilities may be made at any Service New Brunswick Centre throughout the Province without charge. Applications must be signed by one of the following; a physician, occupation therapist, nurse practitioner or physiotherapist. The Motor Vehicle Act prohibits the use of designated parking spaces for persons with mobility impairments unless the appropriate identification is displayed inside the vehicle.