BATHURST (GNB) – Minor provincial court appearances heard once a week in Tracadie will be consolidated and heard in Bathurst.

“The government was faced with a decision about whether to recommit to a lease at the existing location,” said Justice Minister Hugh J. Flemming. “The court at Tracadie has been operating only four times a month for a few hours at a time, and the court at Bathurst can accommodate the additional matters.”

After the last hearings on July 5, items scheduled to be heard at the court in Tracadie will be heard in Bathurst instead.

The Tracadie courthouse is the only one in the province used exclusively for provincial court appearances. The location has recently been used for about four half-days per month to deal with a small number of administrative hearings, including minor criminal matters. Anyone who required a hearing or trial has already had the case scheduled in Bathurst.

"We are constantly required to make decisions on the best use of limited resources,” said Flemming. “Considering the limited use of the Tracadie court, the fact that a significant portion of court matters for the Tracadie region are already heard in Bathurst, and the fact that there is available capacity in Bathurst, we have decided to not pursue a renewal of the lease in Tracadie, which will allow a better use of those financial resources.”

Probate, small claims, hearings on civil matters, family law matters and criminal cases heard by the Court of Queen’s Bench were already heard in Bathurst and will continue to be heard there.