FREDERICTON (GNB) – Dog owners are reminded that it is an offence to allow their dogs to run at large.

During the winter months wildlife is more vulnerable to being chased by dogs. The exhaustion caused by running from dogs can lead to their death even if they escape from being caught.

During the winter, Conservation Officers with the Department of Public Safety conduct routine patrols for dogs at large. Owners who let their dogs run loose are liable to a minimum fine of $124.50.

In addition, several regulated hunting and fur-harvesting seasons are now open and extend through the winter months. In the past, there have been incidents where pets running loose have been caught in traps or snares.

Fur harvesters operating in areas visited by owners of pets should modify their traps or snares or place them away from trails or roads.

Hunters and trappers are reminded that it is illegal to set traps or snares within 300 metres (984 feet) of dwellings, schools, playgrounds, athletic fields, solid-waste disposal sites and places of business.

Pet owners are reminded that:

·         under the Fish and Wildlife Act, it is illegal for dogs to run at large in a wildlife area;

·         pets should be kept under control or leashed at all times to minimize harassment of wildlife; and

·         it is illegal to disturb any legally placed trap or snare.

For more information, the 2019 Hunt & Trap regulations summary and the Be a Responsible Pet Owner fact sheet are both available online or at any office of the Department of Natural Resources and Energy Development.