Government of New Brunswick


This policy applies to any member of a permanent or volunteer fire service in the province of New Brunswick, as well as any employee of the Office of the Fire Marshal.


These directives are issued by the Office of the Fire Marshal of the province New Brunswick under the authority of the Fire Marshal or her/his designate. In the case of Federal awards the authority is under the Federal Government.


The Fire Marshal may award medals, certificates, pins, long service medals or other such awards to fire service personnel or staff of the Office of the Fire Marshal who meet the qualifying criteria.


Written requests are required for all awards applications and must be received at the Office of the Fire Marshal on the appropriate forms from the sponsoring authority within each fire service jurisdiction.

Presentation of the Medal

The medal or bars will be forwarded to the person who nominated the recipient. It is the responsibility of the fire department or the municipal representatives to determine how they wish to present the medal, whether it be in a public or formal ceremony or a private informal ceremony.

A representative of the Office of the Fire Marshal should be present at the ceremony upon request from the local fire service.