Government of New Brunswick
Court Delays

Court delays are calculated as the time in weeks before the next judge and courtroom in the respective location are available to schedule a trial. Trials involving individuals in custody take precedence over individuals not in custody.

The actual timing of the next trial is based upon:

  • The availability of a courtroom and a judge
  • The availability of the defence counsel / accused
  • The availability of the Crown prosecutor
  Age of Charges Resolved

The age, in weeks, of charges that were resolved during the last quarter. The time is based on the date of the client’s first appearance, until the date of a decision. In the event of an outcome of guilt, the age extends to the date of sentencing.

  Outcome of Charges Resolved

Outcomes for charges which have been resolved over the last quarter.

  Age of Unresolved Charges

The age, in weeks, of charges that remained unresolved during the past quarter An Unresolved Charge is any charge still before the courts which hasn’t reached an end outcome. The age of an unresolved charge is calculated by the date of the charge’s first appearance in court, to the last date in the last quarter.

  Quarterly Charge Trend Activity

Details on the charges introduced and resolved by the courts for each of the last four quarters.

  • Charges Laid represents a charge which has had it’s first appearance in the quarter
  • Charges Resolved represents a charge that has been disposed of by the courts (has an outcome)
  Total Courtrooms

Total number of physical courtrooms in the Provincial Court for each Court Location.

  # of Active Courtrooms

The number of courtrooms that were fully staffed with a judge, Crown prosecutor, stenographer and sheriff officer during the quarter.