Government of New Brunswick

Properties that do not have access to municipal wastewater services require an on-site sewage disposal system to help protect water resources from becoming contaminated and avoid creating public health hazards.  A conventional on-site sewage disposal system typically consists of a septic tank and a subsurface disposal field. 

Property owners who need to install, construct, repair and/or replace an on-site sewage disposal system must obtain an approval by having a licensed installer submit an application to the Department of Public Safety. An inspector will then assess these applications to ensure they are in accordance with the On-site Sewage Disposal System Regulation and New Brunswick Technical Guidelines for On-site Sewage Disposal Systems. The design and location of the system and the property’s soil conditions are evaluated to determine if sewage can be effectively treated to limit the spread of communicable diseases.

Licensed installers may proceed with the installation, construction, repair and/or replacement of an on-site sewage disposal system only when the application has been assessed and approved by a Public Safety Inspector.

Once the on-site sewage disposal system has been installed it must also be available for inspection and approval by a Public Safety Inspector prior to covering.  On-site sewage disposal systems that have not been installed according to the approved application or those that fail to meet the requirements of the Regulation must be corrected or modified and are subject to re-inspection.


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