Government of New Brunswick

Drivers employed by a vehicle-for-hire company and operating vehicles for the purposes of vehicle-for-hire services must have a Class 4 restricted driver’s licence.

“vehicle-for-hire company” means a person who uses or offers a technology platform to facilitate the offer of vehicle-for-hire services;

“vehicle-for-hire service” means a service consisting of the prearranged transportation of passengers for compensation offered by a driver of a private passenger vehicle through a vehicle-for-hire company;

Drivers applying for a Class 4 driver’s licence for this purpose must meet the following requirements:

  • A valid Class 5 New Brunswick driver’s licence;
  • Must meet the medical and vision standards to hold a Class 4 driver’s licence;
  • Must not have had their driver’s licence revoked or driving privileges suspended within the last five years.

To obtain a Class 4 restricted licence to provide vehicle-for-hire services, contact the Licensing Officer at the Motor Vehicle Branch (506) 453-2974 or via email at Class4.VehicleforHire/[email protected].

You will need to provide the following:

  • If licensed outside of New Brunswick during the last five years, a driving record from your previous jurisdiction that is dated within last 30 days;
  • A medical fitness report completed within the last six months.
  • If approved, the Licensing Officer will advise you to visit a Service New Brunswick office to have a vision screening completed by a driver examiner to ensure vision standards are met.

If the vision standard is met, a Class 4 licence will be issued which will include a restriction indicating “Class 4 valid for vehicle-for-hire purposes only”.

You are responsible for the applicable licence replacement fees.