Government of New Brunswick

New Brunswick, Department of Public Safety, Motor Vehicle Branch and DND / CAF have established guidelines for the licence class upgrade of the New Brunswick Licence based on DND training and licence credentials to assist retired and active Canadian Armed Forces members to transition to civilian employment and career opportunities. New Brunswick, Motor Vehicle Branch, will recognize DND 404 equivalent licence class 1, 2, 3, 4, plus Air Brake endorsement, for retired or current military members who are New Brunswick residents only. CAF / retired military members, who do not hold or cannot obtain a full Class 5 equivalent licence, are not eligible for licence upgrade.

 New Brunswick, Motor Vehicle Branch, has outlined the application process for members under the following four categories:

  1. Current Military members;
  2. Retired Military members;
  3. Current or Retired Military members who hold a civilian driver’s licence from another jurisdiction; and
  4. Current or Retired Military members who have never held a civilian driver’s licence.


Motor Vehicle Branch requires the individual to produce the following supporting documentation to qualify for a New Brunswick civilian driver’s licence, or to upgrade their New Brunswick civilian driver’s licence:

  1. DND Driver / Operator Proficiency Record including member’s name and date of birth, DND 404 licence number, licence classes and air brake endorsement (if applicable), restrictions, licence effective and expiry dates, licence status (not expired, revoked, or suspended); province/territory/state/country of personal licence and province/territory/state/country driver’s licence number (if applicable);
  2. Driver Qualification Letter (Application). Letter must be signed by approved personnel whose names have been submitted in writing to the Registrar of Motor Vehicles;
  3. DND Transportation Authority Cover Letter to the Registrar of Motor Vehicles, Department of Public Safety, Motor Vehicle Branch signed by the Transportation Authority (named in writing to New Brunswick, Motor Vehicle Branch); and
  4. A Medical Fitness Report (Class 1, 2, 3 and 4) form completed, signed and dated within six  months by a licenced medical or nurse practitioner.
     1. The applicant is responsible for the cost of the medical report; and
     2. DND medical facilities are not mandated for this service.


The process for currently serving military members is as follows:

  1. Proceed to the local Road and Vehicle Safety Section to obtain documentation as outlined in Para 3 a-c;
  2. Be prepared to present a full New Brunswick Class 5 driver’s licence (if applicable) or an equivalent licence issued by another jurisdiction (if applicable);
  3. Present your DND 404 licence to confirm currency of both licence and qualifications;
  4. Driver Qualification Letter (Application) and DND Transportation Authority Cover Letter, which both must be signed within six months of the date you apply at Service New Brunswick for a licence or for a licence upgrade;
  5. Once all documents have been signed and stamped by authorized personnel in Road and Vehicle Safety and the Transportation Authority, the applicant can submit the documents to the Department of Public Safety, Motor Vehicle Branch, for action;
  6. Present all required documentation (including completed medical report) to the Licensing Officer at 364 Argyle Street, Fredericton, NB for licence upgrade. Motor Vehicle Branch staff will ensure that the applicant is medically eligible for licencing upon review of the Medical Fitness Report and will apply the upgrade for Class 1, 2, 3, or 4 to the applicant’s file; then refer the applicant to a Service New Brunswick centre to have their licence issued (if applicable).
  7. All documents presented to Motor Vehicle Branch must be originals only. Copies will not be accepted for upgrade purposes.

In order to be eligible for licence upgrade, the member must be retired within two years or less from the date of application. All applications must include confirmation that the member’s DND 404 and qualifications were not suspended, revoked, or expired at the time of DND 404 surrender, and identify the official date of release from the CAF.

The process for upgrade is the same as Para 4 (except for Para 4c), as long as the requisite timelines are honoured.

If the retired or currently serving member holds a minimum full Class 5 equivalent driver’s licence from another jurisdiction, the member must transfer to a New Brunswick  licence prior to upgrade.

The process for transfer and upgrade is as follows:

  1. The member must be a New Brunswick resident and comply with New Brunswick proof of identity and residency requirements. Proof of Identity requirements can be found on the Department of Public Safety website.
  2. If the member’s licence was issued in a jurisdiction with which New Brunswick has a      reciprocal agreement, the licence may be exchanged to the New Brunswick equivalent without testing. Information regarding reciprocity can be found on the Department of Public Safety website.
  3. Members whose province/territory/state/country driver’s licence is suspended or revoked will not be eligible for licence upgrade; and
  4. The New Brunswick driver’s licence may then be upgraded to a Class 1, 2, 3, or 4 licence    with Air Brake endorsement (if applicable) in accordance with Para 4.

In limited circumstances, military members who do not have a civilian PDL may obtain a DND 404 by virtue of completion of professional driver training, the LFC Driver Wheeled or the Basic Driver Training Course. If the retired or currently serving military member has never held a Civilian Driver’s Licence, they may still apply for upgrade in accordance with the following:

  1. The member must be a New Brunswick resident and comply with New Brunswick’s proof of identity and residency requirements; and
  2. Members who are 18 years of age or older will be eligible for a full Class 5 (or higher) licence. Graduated Driver’s Licence requirements will not apply.

The New Brunswick Licence Equivalency Table outlines the vehicle types available for New Brunswick licence upgrade and their equivalent civilian class.Equivalencies have been determined in coordination with the New Brunswick  Motor Vehicle Branch and are determined by axles, passenger capacity and Air Brake status.

  • The Registrar of Motor Vehicles reserves the right to approve or deny any licence upgrade.
  • Questions on this procedure may be directed to D Tn 2-5 National Road and Vehicle Safety