Government of New Brunswick

When applying for or changing the address on your New Brunswick Driver’s Licence or Identification Card, you must submit the following items in person at a Service New Brunswick office:

  • at least two documents from the table below
  • proof of name change, if applicable (ex. marriage certificate, divorce papers, Certificate of Name Change).

Please note: documents used from this list must reflect the address being used for the driver’s licence or identification card.

Document Type

      Required Information

Utility bill (phone, internet, electricity, cable, water/sewer
or a home heating fuel invoice such oil, natural gas, propane, etc.)


  • A current utility bill from most recent billing cycle (monthly, quarterly or semi-annually)
  • Must contain name of applicant or legal guardian or immediate family member which includes parent, grandparent, sibling, spouse or common-law partner, or child who lives at the same residence
  • Two months of the same type of bill are not accepted.
  • Bundled services count as one document.
Residential lease 
  • Must be completed and signed by landlord and tenant
Property tax bill or notice of assessment
  • Must be current year’s tax bill or notice of assessment
Land title document
Mortgage documents
  • Must be from a bank or lawyer’s office. Documents for a transfer of property that has not yet been completed cannot be accepted.
Benefit confirmation issued by the Government of Canada
  • Can include Universal Child Care Benefit; Employment Insurance; GST/HST Credit; Canada Pension Plan
Personal income tax
  • Must be current year
  • Documents must be issued by Canada Revenue Agency
New Brunswick Social Development Health Card
Employment confirmation
  • Pay stub, T4 or letter from employer
Insurance policy / Liability insurance card


  • Home or auto insurance policy or card
  • Only physical cards/policy received in the mail will be accepted. Electronic proof of insurance, faxed or emailed and printed documents are not acceptable as proof of residency.

Firearms Possession card

  • Must include accompanying letter showing name and address