Government of New Brunswick



How the new ticketing process works

Effective March 2, 2020, police in New Brunswick will begin issuing violation tickets for certain provincial offences, beginning with offences under the Motor Vehicle Act. If you are an adult who is issued a motor vehicle ticket on or after March 2nd, you will have 45 days to respond by either paying the fine or disputing the ticket. You can pay your ticket at Service New Brunswick, or online.

If you wish to dispute your ticket, you must file a Notice of Dispute with the court. A Notice of Dispute can be obtained from any provincial court or Service New Brunswick location, or online.

Once you have completed filling out the form, you must file it with the court listed on the ticket on or before the date indicated on your ticket. The court will inform you of the date and place for trial or hearing.

If you do not pay the fine or file a Notice of Dispute by the due date stated on the ticket, you will be deemed convicted of the offence and fined. A Notice of Conviction will then be sent outlining consequences of non-payment.

If you do not appear in court on the date, time and place set for trial/hearing, a conviction may be entered against you, and the fine amount on your ticket will become immediately due and payable. If this occurs, you will receive a letter from the court indicating the amount of the fine, the payment details and the consequences of non-payment of any fine imposed.


e-Ticketing in New Brunswick

Effective March 2, 2020, RCMP will be the first to issue the new violation tickets electronically as part of a phased-in approach.  Other enforcement agencies (like municipal police) will issue the new violation tickets manually.

e-Ticketing uses modern technology to speed up the ticketing and administrative process for police, the public and the courts.

Officers instantly collect information about a driver – such as their name and address - by swiping their driver’s licence through an electronic card reader.  The officer then inputs the offence information and prints the e-Ticket from a printer in the police vehicle.

The electronic record is then shared with the province and saved in an information system that is accessible to the police, the courts and Service New Brunswick.  This modernized process puts New Brunswick in line with most other Canadian jurisdictions. e-Ticketing is also safer, with less time stopped on roadways for police and motorists.

NOTE:  The new dispute process will be in effect for all adults issued a Motor Vehicle Act violation ticket, both those who receive an electronic violation ticket (E-ticket) and those who receive a manual violation ticket (M-ticket). The accused should refer to the new instructions on their tickets.

For the time being, the existing procedures remain in effect for other ticketable provincial offences.