FREDERICTON (GNB) – The provincial government’s offer to the Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE) would ensure that all CUPE 2745 and CUPE 1253 employees, including part-time workers who do not work sufficient hours to qualify for the existing plans, have better access to a sustainable, long-term pension plan.

“As part of our agreement with CUPE’s delegation, we will sit down with actuaries and the two school-based groups, CUPE 1253 and 2745, to look at the state of the pension and create a sustainable path forward,” said Premier Blaine Higgs. “It will not be government making decisions on the future of pensions; rather it would be the actuaries.”

Only these two locals would need to agree to the proposed pension discussion.

As part of this discussion, the following conditions would need to be met:

  • Revise the pension plan’s eligibility criteria to improve access for part-time workers.
  • The pension plan must be sustainable, affordable and secure for plan members and the government.
  • Contribution rates must be fair and equitable for plan members and the government.

Current members’ accrued benefits would be transitioned to any future plan.

Pension plans of CUPE 1252, 1840, 1190, 1251 and 1418 would not be affected.

“I hope that, after seeing the offer we have made, our government and CUPE will be able to reach a resolution that works for employees and New Brunswickers,” said Higgs.

More information about the government’s offer is available online.

Examples of wage increases and retroactive pay for specific jobs are also available online.