FREDERICTON (GNB) – The provincial government is continuing efforts to implement and maintain pay equity as part of an ongoing commitment to achieving equality for women in the province, and thereby providing a better quality of life for women, children and families.

“Your government is committed to strengthening our economy and making life better for New Brunswick families,” said Premier Brian Gallant, who is also minister responsible for women’s equality. “Improving pay equity across all parts of government will strengthen our workforce and help support families. We have made great strides in implementing pay equity and we are on track to ensure that all eligible provincial Crown corporations achieve compliance by March 2018.”

Pay equity is based upon the principle that wages should reflect the value of the job regardless of whether it is a male or female doing the job.

Three out of seven eligible Crown corporations have achieved compliance with the Pay Equity Act of 2009.

In addition, the provincial government has completed five pay equity studies in Parts I, II and III of the public service for female-dominated groups of employees including CUPE 2745 (educational assistants and school administrative assistants), CUPE 1840 (court stenographers), Medical Science Professionals, Specialized Health Care Professionals, and Professional Support in Schools.

“NBPower is proud to support this important initiative and to be an early adopter,” said Sherry Thomson, chief human resources officer for NB Power. “We will continue to work to promote equitable compensation practices within NBPower and encourage other organizations to do the same.”

Increasing awareness of and working toward resolving pay equity issues will help to ensure that women are afforded the same rights as their peers in terms of compensation in the workplace. The government encourages private sector organizations to examine their wage structure and assess whether discrimination or pay equity is present within their organization. Tools and resources have been developed to assist in evaluating the compensation of work done by women.

Enhancing pay equity throughout the province has been outlined as a focus area in the New Brunswick Family Plan report on advancing women’s equality and is intended to contribute to making New Brunswick the best place to live, work and raise a family. The province continues to look for opportunities to work together with the private sector to help achieve pay equity and advance women’s equality.