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Having trouble locating, evaluating and using the information you need in an effective manner? Brush up on your research skills by participating in an Info-Savvy workshop! Learn when and why you need information, where to find it and how to evaluate it to make informed decisions.


The service is free and available for all. Registration may be required. Availability of workshops varies.


New Brunswick public libraries offer media awareness training through Info-Savvy workshops. These workshops are designed to help library patrons improve their information skills. The workshops focus on tips and tricks to use in the location, access, evaluation and use of information. Topics include, but are not limited to: citation tips, web safety, health research, search techniques, citations and plagiarism and genealogical research.
To find out when Info-Savvy workshops are offered at your local library and for more information, contact us by email at or consult with staff at your local public library.

If you require assistance with the operation of a computer, the Internet or a mobile device, please click on the related link for Compu-Savvy Workshops.