Government of New Brunswick


New Brunswick public libraries provide access to DAISY books and DAISY readers (an assistive reading device) for people with print disabilities.


The service is free and is available for New Brunswick public library cardholders who have a print disability. A print disability includes people who have difficulty reading print due to a visual, physical or learning disability. Users of the service must self-declare that they have a print disability.


DAISY stands for Digital Accessible Information System and is an international standard for producing accessible and navigable multimedia documents. DAISY books are designed to be a complete audio substitute for print material.

With a DAISY book and player, library patrons may search, place bookmarks, navigate line by line, and regulate the speaking speed without distortion. DAISY books may also provide accessible tables, references and additional information to ensure that complex textual materials, such as textbooks or encyclopedias that have charts and tables, may be rendered comprehensible in audio format. There are three types of DAISY books:
• Audio-only DAISY most commonly used for recreational reading which employs human narration;
• Text-only DAISY has no audio recording; the text of the book is read with text-to-speech software;
• Full-text, full-audio DAISY includes synchronized text and audio which allows the reader to listen to human or text-to-speech narration.

New Brunswick public libraries currently offer patrons access to DAISY audiobooks on CD as well as downloadable DAISY books from CELA (the Centre for Equitable Library Access). Materials include thousands of fiction, non-fiction, adult and children’s literature titles available in English and French.
For more information, contact us by email at or consult with staff at your local public library.