Government of New Brunswick


Provincial Examinations are available for many academic courses developed by the Department of Education and taught in the public high schools and community colleges. Individuals who pass the examination will receive an academic credit for that course.


To be eligible to write a provincial exam, candidates must:
- Be at least sixteen years of age; and
- Submit the registration form and the fees if it is a rewrite.


Individuals wishing to write a Provincial Examination (English) must first register with this Department. For those wishing to write in French, they must register with CCNB Bathurst.

Individuals may write the Exam twice with no wait time between the writings. There is a six-month waiting period between any subsequent writings.

The pass mark on a Provincial Examination is 60%. Those who have taken the course at a community college or online may use their class mark as 60% of their final mark, provided they have at least 50% on the provincial examination.