FREDERICTON (GNB) – The provincial government reiterated its commitment today to increase the minimum wage from $10.65 per hour to $11 per hour. The increase will take effect on April 1.

“New Brunswickers’ priority is the economy,” said Premier Brian Gallant. “We understand that when you put more money into the pockets of New Brunswickers they will buy and invest more. This helps strengthen the economy.”

“Paying our employees a fair wage is something we believe in strongly,” said Marx Miles, owner of Frank’s Finer Diner in Fredericton. “They work hard to ensure our restaurant runs smoothly, and we want to make sure they earn enough income to support themselves and their families. Raising the minimum wage helps with staff retention and improves overall morale at our restaurant, which benefits both our customers and co-workers while helping to grow the province’s economy.”

This marks the third increase to the minimum wage in New Brunswick since December 2014. Over the last several months, the province has consistently been among the growth leaders in average weekly earnings, and continues to lead the country in growth on a year-to-date basis. These minimum wage increases have contributed to that growth.

“By working with businesses we are increasing New Brunswickers’ wages at the fastest rate in Canada,” said Gallant. “This improves New Brunswick families’ quality of life as they can invest in education and training, healthy living and their communities.”

Increasing the minimum wage honours a commitment made under the government’s poverty reduction plan.