FREDERICTON (GNB) – Free second-language training for eligible unemployed adults will begin in January 2017. In September, the provincial government announced a $1 million investment for this initiative.

“Our government recognizes that many New Brunswickers want to take their second-language skills to the next level,” said Post-Secondary Education, Training and Labour Minister Donald Arseneault. “We want to give opportunities to more people to find meaningful employment throughout the province. Bilingualism helps residents obtain jobs and gives us a competitive advantage nationally and internationally by attracting businesses.”

The training will be open to unemployed New Brunswickers who have identified second-language training in their Employment Action Plan with an employment counsellor.

The initiative will be open to New Brunswick residents who are:

  • unemployed;
  • 18 or older;
  • not a full-time student;
  • working with an employment counsellor to develop an Employment Action Plan; and
  • already proficient in French or English (if the client’s first language is neither French nor English, he/she must show proof of proficiency in one of the two official languages).

Interested individuals should contact their nearest Regional Employment Office to arrange a meeting with an employment counsellor. The counsellor will work with them to develop an action plan to help them return to work, and refer them to the appropriate training program at a community college or a publicly-funded university.