Government of New Brunswick

Under this agreement, individuals from New Brunswick (NB) are permitted to work in Quebec. Likewise, individuals from Quebec are permitted to work in NB. This agreement addresses labour mobility and the recognition of qualifications, skills and work experience in the construction industry to facilitate access to the labour market in both provinces.


Contractors coming to work in the NB construction sector must:

  1. Know there are twelve compulsory occupations in NB’s construction sector
  2. Respect the apprenticeship ratio:  one apprentice to one journeyperson on the job site
  3. Obtain a New Brunswick Business Number
  4. Contact WorkSafeNB
  5. Contact the Department of Public Safety for information on permits and licences
  6. Complete the Contractor's Request Form for all employees coming to work in NB, attach all supporting documentation and forward it to NB Apprenticeship and Occupational Certification
  7. Encourage your employees to sign the Consent to Disclose Information
  8. Provide employee specific information for your:

Individuals coming to work in the construction sector in NB: