Government of New Brunswick

Industrial Relations – Conciliation

The conciliation process provides an opportunity to the parties to an industrial dispute to resolve their differences with the assistance of a neutral third party, prior to strike or lockout action.



Industrial Relations – Mediation

A mediation officer is appointed by the Minister as a neutral third party normally after the conciliation process has been exhausted. The Mediator actively seeks to assist the parties by making suggestions, providing background information, and noting avenues open to the parties for settlement.

The mediation process is an option open to the parties to an industrial dispute and does not affect the right to strike or lockout. The process is also available during a workstoppage.



Industrial Relations – Arbitration

Expedited arbitration is a shared-cost option open to parties to a grievance that allows the grievance to be settled by an arbitrator within a set time limit. This option became available under the Industrial Relations Act in November, 1998.