Government of New Brunswick

Labour mobility, a chapter of the Canadian Free Trade Agreement  (CFTA), stipulates that a worker’s certification should be recognized by the relevant regulatory body, located in another Canadian province or territory, after an application is submitted. As a result, professional regulatory bodies across the country must compare occupational scopes of practice and competencies to facilitate the free movement of certified workers.

New Brunswick has signed two domestic trade agreements: the Quebec/New Brunswick Labour Mobility Agreement for the Construction Sector and Chapter 7 of the Canadian Free Trade Agreement (CFTA).

Parties to the CFTA are also required to notify each other of anticipated changes to legislation that may affect labour mobility (for example: changes to requirements, scope of practice, name, regulation of a new occupation or category of membership, etc.).

New Brunswick regulatory bodies seeking information regarding their labour mobility obligations or wishing to discuss changes to legislation should contact their provincial Labour Mobility Coordinator.