Government of New Brunswick

Are you a certified worker looking for work in your regulated occupation in another part of Canada? Labour mobility, under the Canadian Free Trade Agreement  (CFTA), may have some of the answers you’re looking for.

Certified workers have been awarded a certificate, license, registration, or another form of official documentation by a regulatory body. The certification allows them to work in a regulated occupation in their province or territory.

A regulated occupation is a profession or skilled trade that has a set of standards of practice. These standards are specified in legislation (acts and regulations) and overseen by a regulatory body that is approved by provincial or territorial governments in Canada.  

Therefore, if you have been certified by a provincial or territorial regulatory body to work in your occupation and are in good standing with them, Chapter 7 of the CFTA states that you can be certified for that occupation in another province or territory, without having to go through additional significant training, work experience, examination or assessment. Please contact your provincial Labour Mobility Coordinator if you think you have been asked to fulfill the above requirements because these actions may not permitted under the chapter.

To learn more or to discuss any certification challenges you may have, contact your provincial Labour Mobility Coordinator or visit our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) page.