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Due to the current circumstance of COVID-19, the NB Disability Awareness Week activities coordinated by the Premier's Council on Disabilities and Neil Squire will be postponed to the Fall.

* More information to follow as it becomes available. *

The Premier's Council on Disabilities is proud to once again be organizing several province-wide events as part of Disability Awareness Week (DAW).  In addition, we will be offering ongoing advertising support to provincial and local community groups for any events that they are hosting.

Disability Awareness Week (DAW) continues the tradition of National Access Awareness Week first established in 1988 to promote better community access for people with disabilities. In 1998, a decision was made in New Brunswick to continue celebrating an annual awareness week but with a new name to ensure that all issues related to persons with a disability could be promoted. The main goal of DAW is to raise public awareness of existing barriers that prevent citizens with disabilities from full and equal participation in all aspects of their community and what may be done to correct these problems. We also want to celebrate examples of best practices and advancements made towards full inclusion for citizens with disabilities.

The DAW awareness campaign targets the participation of communities large and small across New Brunswick to create positive changes in the lives of people with disabilities.

Activities for Disability Awareness Week are coordinated at the provincial level by the Premier's Council on Disabilities. Local groups will also organize community projects across the province. Disability Awareness Week covers all types of disabilities and all age groups in partnership with any interested supporters.

DAW is not intended to provide an opportunity for organizations to raise funds for their own activities. The sole focus should be on public awareness about disability issues.

Please join us as we celebrate the 33rd year of this campaign!


DAW 2020 Events

* More information to follow as it becomes available. *

DAW Kick-off

Annual Legislative Breakfast

Date:Tuesday, June 2nd
Place: Crowne Plaza Hotel, Fredericton

Seating is limited so please RSVP at your earliest convenience
E-mail: pcd-cpmph@gnb
Telephone: 1-800-442-4412

Walk & Roll 2020 - Fredericton

Guest Speaker
Amberley Snyder

Annual Legislative Breakfast 2020


DAW awards and contests

Several contests are being held this year to help organizations promote Disability Awareness Week activities. These are designed to foster discussion and a better understanding of the challenges facing more than 125,000 persons with disabilities living in New Brunswick.

DAW Awards


We will no longer be selling promotional items, however a limited amount of promotional items will be available at DAW events.