Government of New Brunswick

Smaller communities can pro-rate according to size

MEMBERS: 2 councillors appointed by the mayor.
9 private citizens appointed by Council on the recommendation of the mayor. The members are to be appointed on the basis of their knowledge of and interest in the needs of persons with disabilities. To ensure consumer input, persons with disabilities should be part of the committee.
TERM: 1 year
CHAIRPERSON: 2 councillors appointed by the mayor.
MEETINGS: At least quarterly. More often as required or requested by council.
VOTING: All members.
REPORTING: To council through the standing committees or directly where appropriate.
OBJECTIVES: To make the municipality more livable for its residents with a disability by the removal of physical and social barriers which impede full participation in all aspects of community life.

Terms of Reference

  1. To advise the Municipal Council, mainly through its various Standing Committees, on matters presently under consideration which affect persons with a disability.

  2. To monitor municipal programs to ensure that the needs of persons with a disability are considered.

  3. To work cooperatively with Civic Departments, Boards and Commissions whose activities affect disabled persons and to provide advice and information to them.

  4. To disseminate information on civic matters affecting disabled persons.

  5. To encourage and facilitate feedback through existing channels from disabled persons on civic matters affecting them.

  6. To bring to Council matters identified by the Committee as requiring action by the municipality.

  7. To deal with any matters concerning disabled persons which may be referred to the Committee by Council or by Standing Committees of the Council.