Government of New Brunswick

ADAPT is a program that provides long-term care clients appropriate opportunities to learn skills in centre or community based settings.  Through a supported environment, ADAPT focuses on the development and provision of valued training and activities and encourages appropriate behaviour, respect of daily schedules, dress, social habits and all other expectations that are placed on an adult individual.

ADAPT services are designed to meet the participant's needs on a full-time or part-time basis.  Although ADAPT services, for the most part, are developmental in nature and designed to meet the needs of the client, as a result of this service, families and guardians of the client receive valuable hours of respite.

Individuals who have been assessed as eligible for long term care services and for whom it has been determined that this type of activity is appropriate can be referred to an ADAPT program.  The individual should be willing to participate in personal growth activities based on his or her interests and strengths.