Government of New Brunswick

DAW takes place on an annual basis.

DAW itself is celebrated during the week that includes June 1st to mark the anniversary of the conclusion of Rick Hansen's Man in Motion world tour in 1987. Although officially lasting only one week, DAW acts as a catalyst to encourage year-round actions to promote inclusion of persons with disabilities.

DAW is a vehicle for attitudinal change.

The main goal of DAW is to raise public awareness of existing barriers that prevent citizens with disabilities from full and equal participation in all aspects of their community and what may be done to correct these problems. We also want to celebrate examples of best practices and advancements made towards full inclusion for citizens with disabilities.

DAW is a partnership.

The partnership is made up of consumers, family members, service providers, community advocates, governments at all levels, labour groups, employers, the private sector, media outlets, educational institutions, professional associations and the public at large who are interested in improving the status of persons living with a disability in New Brunswick.

DAW has a cross-disability focus.

The partnership will take into account the issues affecting persons of all ages with any type or level of disability including non-visible disabilities to ensure that DAW activities are inclusive for all.

DAW is a community-based initiative.

The DAW awareness campaign targets the participation of communities large and small across New Brunswick to create positive changes in the lives of people with disabilities.

DAW activities will not be used for fundraising.

DAW is not intended to provide an opportunity for organizations to raise funds for their own activities. The focus should be on public awareness about disability issues.

DAW promotes and provides leadership opportunities for persons with disabilities.

It is the intent that people with disabilities be involved at all levels of the DAW organization and decision making process and be able to participate in all DAW activities.