Government of New Brunswick


Region: Moncton

Address 22 Church Street, Suite 370

Organization / Contact: Canadian Mental Health Association - Moncton



To register for a program, please contact:

CMHA of NB, Moncton Office
22 Church Street, Suite 370
Moncton, NB   E1C 0P7
(506) 859-8114 x4

Adults with ADHD – Education for adults with ADHD and their partners and/or adult family members. This program offers education, support, and practical guidance. It is based on the premise that understanding the dynamic of ADHD enhances coping and is the key to effective management of the disorder.

Anxiety & Depression – This program will provide an opportunity for participants to gain knowledge, awareness, and education regarding anxiety and depression. It will enable participants to gain healthy coping skills to manage anxiety and depression. It will also provide opportunities for peer support within the context of a therapeutic group environment.

Art of Friendship –Provides an interactive, psycho-educational learning environment aimed at promoting recovery through building self-awareness and refining interpersonal relationship skills such as basic needs theory, values, tolerance, boundaries, self-disclosure and trust, communication and conflict resolution.

Art Therapy – Allow latent emotions the chance to be expressed through art! Explore your unconscious through creative processes and promote greater expression, discovery, and self-understanding. No artistic skill required & no material cost.

Bipolar – Participants are provided with education, information, support and development of coping strategies, building resiliency, enhancing communication skills as well as improving overall quality of life.

Grief & Loss – If you have found that information available to you has not satisfied your desire for recovery from a loss, then this may be the program for you. Designed to give participants correct and useful information about grief and trauma and how to reclaim your life.

Kids Have Stress Too! – The KHST! Program was developed by the Psychology Foundation of Canada. It is designed to influence young children's social and emotional development and helps to teach educators, parents, and other caregivers to help children enhance their physical, mental, emotional and behavioral coping skills, thinking styles and key abilities through the preschool and elementary years.

Living Life to the Full – This program helps make a difference to individual’s lives. Each session is expertly moderated and includes a free little book. Participants are taught how to deal with their feelings when fed up, worried or hopeless, and learning skills to help them tackle life’s problems.

Mindfulness - Mindfulness is a tool that can help you become happier, calmer, more creative, more focused, and more in touch with yourself. This 8 module workgroup will help you develop and improve your mindfulness skills. By practicing these techniques regularly, you can make real changes to how your mind manages the stresses and demands of your everyday life.

Overcoming Distress Intolerances – This workshop provides you with resources and opportunities to learn about distress intolerance, accepting improving, and tolerating distressing or uncomfortable feelings more effectively.

Parenting Children with ADHD – Provides family education for those who parent children with ADHD (parents, grandparents, step-parents, caregivers.) Offers education, support, and practical guidance. This program is based on the premise that understanding the dynamics of ADHD enhances family coping and is the key to effective management of the disorder.

Strengthening Families Together – The program provides information on the topics associated with living daily with a mental illness for families and friends of individuals with schizophrenia and other related disorders.  This program strengthens family members and friends of individuals who have experienced psychosis by providing support, awareness, and tools.

Trauma – For individuals who have been exposed to trauma or who have been diagnosed with PTSD, this program will assist in reducing post-traumatic stress symptoms and enhancing quality of life by focusing on practical coping strategies.

Your Recovery Journey – This program focuses on empowering people to manage their own treatment and recovery journey. It explores the role of personal goals in the recovery journey and provides participants with the tools to take responsibility for their own wellness and stability, and to manage and reduce their symptoms using a variety of self-help techniques. It also teaches participants how to effectively reach out for and use the support of family/friends and health care professionals. This group consists of an educational element and support group element and is based on the peer-support model.

Friends & Family Drop-In – Ongoing monthly and open to the public with no registration required. Every session will include general information facilitated by a CMHA of NB staff member, followed by a presenter/community partner/service provider. Each session will end with an optional opportunity for participants to socialize, develop connections, and enjoy light refreshments.

Wellness Program Drop-In - Ongoing monthly and open to the public with no registration required. Every session will include a presentation on a select topic by a presenter/community partner/service provider. At the end of each sessions, participants will be provided with the optional opportunity to ask questions, socialize, and enjoy light refreshments.