Government of New Brunswick

The Premier’s Council on Disabilities is a body for consultation, study and information sharing, which was created to advise the provincial government on matters relating to the status of persons with disabilities. The Council reports directly to the Premier of the Province.


Many groups and individuals have worked very hard to improve the quality of life for persons with disabilities in New Brunswick.

During a large provincial conference in the Fall of 1981, which involved many consumers with disabilities, parents, organizations serving persons with disabilities and government representatives, it was decided that a permanent body was needed to maintain the momentum generated by the International Year of Disabled Persons. The unanimous resolution of the conference prompted provincial legislation to be drafted and passed that created the Premier's Council on the Status of Disabled Persons effective September 1, 1982.


The act governing the Premier’s Council on Disabilities states that the Council shall:

  • advise the Minister on matters relating to the status of persons with disabilities.
  • bring before the government and the public matters of interest and concern to persons with disabilities.
  • promote prevention of disabling conditions.
  • promote employment opportunities of persons with disabilities.
  • promote access by persons with disabilities to all services offered to the citizens of New Brunswick.


The Council consists of a Chairperson and twelve other members appointed by the Lieutenant-Governor in Council. Provisions in the Act guarantee representation by regions and agencies working on behalf of persons with disabilities and the public at large.

The Chairperson is appointed for a term of three years. Council members are appointed for two years. Half of the members come up for reappointment or replacement each year.


To carry out its functions, the Council will:

  • offer information, advice and/or intervention in cases where persons with disabilities are having difficulties in gaining access to needed services.
  • receive briefs and suggestions from individuals and groups concerning the status of persons with disabilities.
  • undertake research on matters relating to persons with disabilities.
  • recommend programs concerning the status of persons with disabilities.
  • make referrals to, and consult and collaborate with, universities and individuals on matters which affect persons with disabilities.
  • propose legislation, policies and practices to improve the status of persons with disabilities.
  • publish any reports, studies and recommendations as the Council considers necessary.
  • appoint special committees when needed.
  • maintain information on subjects related to persons with disabilities and on any services/programs likely to be of interest to persons with disabilities.

We want to hear from you!

The Council relies on your support to be truly effective. We need your input to determine our working priorities and to give strength to our recommendations on behalf of persons with disabilities.

We produce free information to help inform interested groups and individuals on disability topics, including the Directory of Services Offered to Persons with Disabilities in New Brunswick. Our information is available in alternate formats in both English and French. Our telephone system has a service for persons who are Deaf or hard of hearing.