Government of New Brunswick

Tobacco use is one of the main risk factors for several chronic diseases that kill hundreds of New Brunswickers each year, including cancer, lung diseases and cardiovascular diseases. The World Health Organization estimates that tobacco kills up to half its users, making it one of the world’s greatest public health threats. Despite what is known about tobacco, nearly 14% of New Brunswickers over the age of 15 smokes. Nearly 6% of youth aged 12-19 smokes.

The Office of the Chief Medical Officer of Health promotes smoke and vape-free environments by administering legislation that supports smoke and vape-free public places and restricts both tobacco and electronic cigarette advertising and sales to youth. The goal is to create environments that will discourage people, especially children from ever starting to use tobacco or electronic cigarettes. A smoke and vape -free environment at home, work and play is important to the health of all New Brunswickers. The Department of Health works closely with other departments and  partner organizations to support initiatives that protect health.