Government of New Brunswick


The Youth Employment Fund (YEF) provides an entry point to long term employment for unemployed individuals between 18-29 years of age who require a work experience opportunity as identified through their employment action plan. By placing an individual with an employer, the youth may gain work experience and develop skills through basic workplace training, mentoring and coaching (from the employer).


• Must be legally entitled to work in Canada
• Must be unemployed, underemployed or working less than 15 hours per week.
• Must be a resident of New Brunswick.
• The individual must have an employment action plan and be referred by an employment counsellor / case manager from one of the following:
o Post-Secondary Education, Training and Labour
o Social Development
o Employment Assistance Services organizations
o Aboriginal organizations
o Public Safety
o Office of Human Resources (Equal Opportunity Program)
• The individual must not be a full time student. High school students who: are at least 18 year of age, graduating in June, not planning to attend full-time post-secondary education and plan to enter the labour force immediately after high school can apply to the program after May 1st for placements starting after graduation.
• Individuals must be between 18-29 (at least 18 years old but less than 30 years old at the time of application).
• Must have a resume before being placed with an employer.
• Have not previously participated in a YEF placement.
o An employer must inform the YEF Program Officer immediately when an individual has taken medical or personal leave. No placement will be held beyond eight weeks.
• The individual must not be an immediate family member of the employer (spouse, children, parents, brother, sister), nor can they be an officer or director of the organization or a member of their immediate families.

• Must be for 30-hours per week for up to 18-weeks, consecutively.
• The job placement cannot displace permanent employees on layoff, vacation, parental or sick leave.
• The job must meet the individual’s occupational goal as per their employment action plan.
• Where jobs are covered by collective agreements, the employers must consult with unions to ensure that placements are not in contravention with provisions of the collective agreement.
• The job placement must be in accordance with all Provincial and Federal Acts and Regulations.
• The placement cannot be for a post-secondary education practicum, a co-operative education work placement or Apprenticeship Block Release.
• The individual must not have already started with an employer prior to the position being approved by the YEF Program Officer.

• Priority is for private sector businesses but other sectors will be approved (based on the client’s needs) include:
o Non-profit organizations;
o Municipality;
o Provincial Government Departments/Agencies only;
o First Nations.
• Must be located in New Brunswick.
• Needs to provide a quality (i.e. orientation, coaching and mentoring) work experience opportunity.
• Have demonstrated commitment and positive experience in previous placements (if applicable).
• Priority will be given to employers who express an intent to retain the participant after the placement period.


The Youth Employment Fund is through both provincial resources and by the Labour Market Development Agreement. It is a youth specific, work experience program designed to provide youth with an opportunity to develop skills and find jobs in the Province.

Through the case management process youth are matched with eligible employers for up to 18 weeks work experience. A wage subsidy is available to support the placement and skills training that are linked to an available job.