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Is your book club looking for new books to read? Are you hoping to start a new book club?

The Book Club in a Bag program makes running a book club easy and fun: just borrow the bag and you'll have everything you need!

  • 10 copies of the same book
  • An author biography
  • A book summary
  • Book reviews
  • Discussion questions
  • A “How-To” guide for starting your own book club (you can also download the guide to your computer)
  • Sign-out sheets to help book club members keep track of their books
  • A checklist of everything contained in the kit


Available Titles

Book Club in a Bag kits have been prepared for dozens of titles, including books by over 50 New Brunswick authors.



Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How long can I borrow the Book Club in a Bag kit?
A. The loan period for the bags is six weeks. You can borrow one kit at a time.

Q. Can I reserve a Book Club in a Bag kit?
A. Yes. You can request a Book Club in a Bag kit in person at your local library, by phone, or online through our catalogue.

Q. Who is responsible if one of my group members forgets to return their book?
A. The person who borrows the kit is responsible for the return of the bag and all of its contents.

Q. How do I verify that my kit is complete before returning it?
A. Each kit contains a checklist of the contents of the bag.

Q. Can my group members return their own books to the library?
A. The Book Club in a Bag kits must be returned with all books and instructional materials at the same time.

Q. What if a book is lost?
A. If your group loses a book, you have two options: replace it with another copy of the same book or pay the replacement cost.